Patxi Cia wants to see his name in the Guiness Book of Records


The Spanish rider from the province of Navarra and member of the MSC Bikes Racing team, will try to crack a new record in the Guiness Book of MTB. Paxti will go up and down the San Cristobal mountain in a 24 hours non stop riding session. The San Cristobal mountain is located next to the city of Pamplona which is a daily destination of an infinite number of ambitious MTB riders that will certainly be there to animate our rider to accomplish this great challenge.

Paxti's arms to tackel that challenge are a MSC WCR Carbon hartail bike and the very potent MSC SUNLIGHT light system with 1400 lumen.

 There are already confirmed television channels and publishers who will show up at the scene. The big day will be communicated in a timely fashion, depending on the national competitions that Patxi has marked in his agenda.

It is quite probable that it will be the 22 of August, as most favourite date among others. In our next news letter we will inform the exact date and all other details about the big day.

We appreciate the great support of all the sponsors, without them this event would not be possible!