The frame, the fork, two wheels and the handlebar. No pedals. Simplicity is the most important for begginers. New MSC Push 12er is not a toy, is the meeting point between children and cyclism. Lightness, balanced and safe for kids from 2 to 5 years old.

Lightness and balance

Minimalism at the centre of the design combines the unique arm fork with the unique chain-stay frame. The total weight is 3.300 grams. 

Light and perfectly balanced to keep the rider comfortable.


In order to keep the cyclist on the bike, we set the steering limiter. It avoids sudden turns, allowing a safety ride angle.

Extra adherence and the handgrip stoppers give that extra security they need.

In the same way, bearings are sealed and there are no sharp edges.

Available online for 169€ and in especialized cycling shops.